Global Ignite Vision + Action [G.I.V.A] is a space for you as a female entrepreneur and intrapreneur to be Seen, Heard, Known, and Recognised as a global expert in your field by sharing your authentic stories that inspire others for greater good.

The G.I.V.A. Thought Leadership Collective [TLC] peer-to-peer awards celebrations are curated for;                                 

⭐️ Sh-EOS, Coaches, and Consultants 

⭐️ Solo Entrepreneurs & Women Led Business Entrepreneurs   

⭐️ Anyone in the private or informal Business Sector; Sustainability and Social Impact Businesses or Community Interest Company and Social Impact Entrepreneurs  

To collectively help you Ignite your Visions with Global Action so that you feel Empowered, Elevated and Endorsed as an emerging female thought leader.

The ultimate GIVA award itself and it's category prizes are a mark of recognition given to honour you as a business woman who exhibits care and concern for others, social responsibility, leadership, and impact.


  • Founded by women for women, we are a global change advocacy movement inspired by established Thought Leaders Changemakers to champion you on your leadership journey. 

  • To empower women who are underreported, underrepresented, and often marginalised in the mainstream media; by collaborating with Journalists and reporters seeking to share our authentic stories that inspire others for greater good.

  • Together; in an annual hybrid red-carpet event - we ignite our common vision through our uncommon goals as social impact soul centred entrepreneurs.

Prizes to be won

Award Entry Bonuses

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If you are satisfied with our explanations and provided you agree with our Policy and T&Cs , please proceed to select your category and SUBMIT entry into the GIVA awards.
We can’t wait to spotlight your brilliance!

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Important awards information


The Global Ignite Vision and Action [GIVA] awards are only open to female entrepreneurs to enter

  • Application window opens: 6 September 2022 at 11.59pm BST
  • Application window closes: 14 October 2022 at 11.59pm BST
  • Shortlist announcement: Week commencing 17 October 2022 at 11.59pm BST
  • GIVA awards ceremony: 22 October 2022 at 7:00pm BST
  • GIVA After Party (in observance of global rising cost of living, we have chosen not to have an after party this year. Instead; all monies raised for the party will be donated to The HML Foundation’s GenKids Fund which provides free snacks and drinks during our pop-libraries to resume in April 2023)


If you have any questions on the entry process, please contact the team via the live chat on the website or send us an email to

"To ensure no one is left behind when it comes to award representation and recognition."


"GIVA is For businesswomen who exhibit care and concern for others, with social responsibility, leadership and impact."

Our very first G.I.V.A. award ceremony was held in 2021 and put the spotlight on more than 30 amazing female entrepreneurs.

Together in one event, our tribe of GIVA'ers earn press coverage to amplify their voices as credible experts with authority so they can impact more lives.

Best part is you'll be contributing to a greater good of our mission to build community libraries by joining the GIVA movement today!


"Dare to be seen, heard, known, trusted and unforgettable!"

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