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Entries are carefully curated to Discover & Recognise the unique actions that entrepreneurs are taking to advance Sustainability & Social Justice

On this page you’ll find further explanation of categories under the FAQs below:


Here are some FAQS quick answers.

The Global Ignite Vision & Action [GIVA] awards established to award and give recognition and accolades to and are especially curated for women i.e. Sh-EOS, Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs and Coaches and anyone in the private or informal Business Sector, Sustainability and Social Impact Businesses or Community Interest Company [CIC]

The Global Ignite Vision & Action awards are curated and commissioned by Lush Studio 8 t/a Ark and Brook Media Group as part of our cause marketing - PR strategy for women who are impartial to Social Impact Responsibility [S.I.R.]

Cause marketing is marketing done by a social impact or for-profit business that seeks to both increase profits and to better society in accordance with individual OR corporate social responsibility (ISR / CSR), by including activist /advocacy  in their marketing messaging. 

Yes everyone needs PR visibility.

 "No one, when he has lit a lamp, puts it in a cellar or under a basket, but on a stand, that those who come in may see the light." Gospel of Luke

Awards celebrate hard work and success and provide great PR opportunities. It’s fantastic to be recognised so it’s important to make sure that people know what your business has achieved.

Winning a business award can open doors to getting contracts, finding new supply channels and breaking into new markets.

Standard industry awards are a *prize or other mark of recognition given

  • In honor of an achievement
  • Incentivized by a commercial bottom-line & PR 
  • GIVA *prizes offer a global PR & Marketing Visibility package [new since 2022] worth over £90,000 across the board
  • Individual GIVA award categories are valued at £15k / Marketing value
  • The GIVA2022 winner receives 1-2-1 pre- recorded PR resources to amplify her voice as an expert with authority in her field.
  • Future winners may receive *Prize cash money dependent on ability to raise enough sponsorship TBD year on year

The awards are peer to peer awards curated for women by women to Elevate and Endorse Female Executives, Rising Stars aka Emerging Thought Leaders and Youth. Our aim is to embolden Intrapreneurial and Entrepreneurial women to get Seen, Heard and Empowered as global changemakers. Each category is overseen by a judge who has 10+ years experience in one or more industries.

Globally Connected, Locally Expert Female Changermakers only. We accept submissions from female owned private businesses of all sizes and from all countries. Publicly traded companies, subsidiaries and governmental entities are not eligible. Having a working English-based or translatable website is a key requirement for acceptance.  We reserve the right to accept or reject any entries.

*FREE TO ENTER: We want our awards to be accessible to everyone who is doing great work for greater good regardless of their economic background. Therefore, as of 2023 we have changed our model by removing the Pay-To-Play fee which was a barrier to entry. This also improves our transparency that Entry is strictly on MERIT and EFFICACY. Our global changemakers come from a diverse pool of talents including non-profits that is why we want to ensure broad inclusion.

However, while the awards entry are free of charge and are entirely based on your own merit; there is an admin handling fee of £97 per category (max 3 entries per person) which is applicable to ensure awards continuity and transparency. 

GIVA prides itself in Diversity, Equity, Equality, Sustainability Governance & Inclusion. The admin fee covers category Research and Development required to provide and maintain a robust industry awards' gold standard best practices. The fee also contributes towards the cost for this Awards Entry Portal annual SaaS licence.

ECONOMIC JUSTICE: Ensuring growth and prosperity shared not hoarded. #SharingIsCaring

Awards and the related events are expensive to run, we also have to pay vendors who provide professional services for the event to run smoothly both on and offline.  

Part of the Admin Fee is a Gift Scholarship to non-profits and business in LEDC's particularly those who fall under the lower economic brackets). For this reason; their admin fee is waived 100%. This is designed to bridge the gap between the haves and have-nots. Ensuring that everyone gets a fair shot at contributing to and benefiting from the global economy the GIVA awards fosters.

Thanks to your participation; the non-profits and business in LEDC's receive a nomination by *invitation only, and once the portal opens, they will receive a special redemption code via email which they can use at checkout to get the 100% discount. 

*Invitation is open to any non-profits and business in LEDC's (particularly those who fall under the lower economic brackets). If you know one such entity in your local community or an online community anywhere in the world that you wish to recommend for Most Impactful Business Community OR a Social Business Enterprise Award Non profit [501(c)(3)] or CIC [Verifiable Registered non-profit / or CIC K.Y.C and footprint [proof required]; then by all means send their info to us at with subject: Gift Scholarship Nomination.  We will do the rest to vet them and see if they qualify for a nomination.

Our awesome line-up of judges who are change-makers and or Social Impact Business Founders themselves! Together they bring over 100 years of combined experience as established Thought Leaders in the industry of their expertise. Judges' main job description is audit, provide feedback and to mentor you as an emerging thought leader in your field.

They compare each entry to the criteria provided, and not against each other. From their experience as Thought Leaders, and to the best of their knowledge and ability; they use evidence based 4 traits and non-negotiable criteria to award the ‘best of their category to mark entries including a final INTERVIEW for shortlisted candidates only.

The process takes up to 5 mins to complete the shot answers and as long as you want to take on the longer answers. And you do not have to complete in one go. You can save and return to it later provided it’s before closing date. Which is September 21st at 00:00 BST

Our head judge Robbin Jorgensen has the mandate to override and or cast the deciding vote on any category as she has had the honour of working with women leaders in 14 countries on 6 continents.

A highly successful businesswoman with 25+ years of experience in sales and marketing, training and business development, She is accredited as

  • Regional Sales Director, Hearst Media, responsible for overseeing a $15 million department, a management team of 6 and a sales force of 64 people
  • Director of Corporate Relations, American Heart Association

Robbin increased market retention from 40 percent to 80 percent in 2 years and increased American Heart Walk revenue by 460 percent through corporate sponsorships and fundraising activities

She developed and presented numerous training programs at local, state-wide and national conferences including Building Corporate Relationships, Creating Customer Loyalty, Customer Retention and Developing Recognition and Cultivation Program.

To help us raise $1 million USD - A Gift -That- Keeps-Giving [with all proceeds less event and marketing costs] we wanted a global movement that has a triple P bottom line in nature: People. Planet. Purpose.

  1. PEOPLE: Empower, Elevate and Endorse self-employed or female entrepreneurs led businesses to tell their authentic stories in order to increase visibility so that in the end they become role models and mentors in their local communities. So that they can be Seen, Known and Recognised, as credible thought leaders with authority who are contributing to a greater good in society.
  2. PLANET: Environmental sustainability is responsibly interacting with the planet to maintain natural resources and not jeopardize the ability for future generations to meet their needs. It is our global collective responsibility, and informal entrepreneurs are no exception to the rule.
  3. PURPOSE: Our grand ambition project of The HML Foundation is a Literacy Advocacy Non-Profit Organization founded by Jennifer and Tim Nash as part of their own legacy to fight literacy gaps and digital poverty in Zambia. It is founded on and inspired by SDGs 4, 8,9 and 11. After successfully partnering with the Local Government in Lusaka on a personal level since 2006, the couple formalized and registered. The HML Foundation as an N.P.O in 2017 and have since then hosted pop-up libraries in the inner city for underprivileged families.

However, following the outbreak of coronavirus in 2020 the pop-up library system became unsustainable as such they  launched an ambitious mission to build a permanent space and eventually adopt and or build 20 Genesis Community Community Libraries by 2030. You can also support their mission directly by donations at 

Pop Up Libraries impact at work at: 

The HML Foundation's Vision is to provide and improve access to continual learning infrastructure by curating community spaces for | Science, Technology | English | Art | Math |.

The HML Foundation Facebook page at:

It is in our DNA to deliver the foundation's Mission below

The HML Foundation Mission is to ensure 'No One is Left Behind when it comes to accessing Literature, Information and Technology Literally'. Learn more about The HML Foundation here

100% YES! Sponsorship Partnership is a collective step towards infinite future opportunities accessible to everyone, everywhere. If you would rather partner with us as a sponsor, to equally showcase your own achievements and brand as the to-go-to expert; you'll have your brand highlighted under our Partnership page as part of our cause marketing partnership strategy. Which means we can co-create a world where demand and supply are balanced across all strata of society; so thanks in advance.

You're welcome to PROCEED to fill out our Partnership Form which tells us you want to sponsor AND RESERVE your spot. Once your submit it; you'll receive a link to download the Sponsorship Proposal document to select your ideal Sponsor Package. 

  • Sustain The Status Quo and DARE-TO-BE The Change in someone’s life story!
  • Dare-To-Be unforgettable by entering the Awards, as such you’ll Sustain The Status Quo that already sets you apart from the everyday business agendas.
  • G.I.V.A is especially curated for Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs and Social Impact Businesses or Community Interest Company [CIC] who want to SUSTAIN the Social Impact Footprint that you have already created, and been underreported and underrepresented in by PRs.
  • It is also an opportunity to immortalize YOUR legacy! As a G.I.V.A Nominee, you automatically qualify for an immortalized ‘glass ceiling shattering space on Genesis Community Library’s WINDOWS OF CHANGE.

Entries to win the coveted G.I.V.A categories are carefully curated to speak to Socially Responsible Individuals and Small Businesses doing social greater good. We chose categories that embrace and embolden women's natural business abilities and show cases them in great light.

Select Maximum 3 Awards that closely match your genius zone! Entries to win the coveted G.I.V.A. categories are carefully curated to speak to Socially Responsible Individuals and Small Businesses doing social and greater good. More categories are added each year.  You can view the complete list here 

Select Maximum 3 Awards that closely match your servicesskills, and abilities.

You are eligible to enter more than one category, and a maximum of 3 - as long as the submission meets the category criteria. 

Each category has its own DNA entry criteria. When awards re-open, you'll be able select the category you want to enter, then a pop up window will give a full description of your selected category below that criteria so that you’re fully informed before you proceed to submitting your choice.

In addition to the above, each category has 4 headers used in our validated assessment of each entry. As such you will be uniformly assessed on the same framework with a different set of questions applicable to that specify category. This is fully explained in each category as you progress with your submission.

YES! Every entry submitted has a 3-in-5 chance of winning because we have a list of nomination only categories.



Part of the 100 Nominations Scholarship: Below are 5 x WILD CARD AWARDS: These are  by nomination only. No need to enter for any of these because we spot eligible candidates throughout the year and then carry out our own KYC on all of them, then they're presented to the head judge for a shortlisting and transparency interview.

  1. The Protégé Of The Year Award
  2. Most Emerging Thought Leader Of The Year Award
  3. Most Changemaker Entrepreneur Of The Year Award
  4. Best Female Thought Leader Of The Year Award
  5. The Most Philanthropic Entrepreneur Of The Year award

GLOBALLY IGNITED VISIONAIRE +ACTION GIVA AWARD [The Highest honour]: This the highest award honour and recognition which bears the vision and mission of the GIVA real estate itself. Thus, this Globally Ignited & Visionary + Action driven Entrepreneur accolade will be bestowed upon the one entrepreneur / business that scores the highest score by merit based on aggregate from all the categories available. So, in addition to winning the category of your entry nomination, you would stand the chance to be crowned the overall G.I.V.A. WINNER as the crown jewel.

Yes! By simply entering you have bragging rights as a nominee or category winner.

  • Awards and Recognition are the ULTIMATE and most PRESTIGIOUS forms of PR publicity strategy that help award entrants to be recognised, seen and awarded as experts in their fields.
  • A business award win, short-listing or nomination can act as a 3rd party endorsement for your business.
  • A win can give a seal of approval to your activities and is a sign of quality for potential customers, so it can form part of your sales pitch. It can also help with relationships with suppliers.
  • It costs nothing to enter - EXCEPT you showcasing the case studies of the awesome work you have already done for clients throughout the year! This is your yearly chance to shine a spotlight on your brilliance, pivot / ignite your Vision to a category of one!